Youth Ministry

Elementary Game Nights are usually held once a month on Friday or Saturday evenings from 7:00 - 9:00 during the school year.

Teen service projects happen as opportunities present themselves, these are usually planned for Saturdays.

Teen Mission Team is a group of teens and a few adult sponsors who go on Mission Trips about every other year.

Fund raising is done in preparation for the trips.

Bible Bowl - Bible Bowlers are Middles Schoolers and High Schoolers who study from a book of the bible for the school year.

On the first Saturday of each month they compete in tournaments with youth groups from other churches. Both memorized knowledge and comprehension are pursued. This gives the participants an extraordinary understanding of the books they study. Last year covered 1st & 2nd Samuel, this current school year they are studying the writings of John (Gospel of John, 1st, 2nd, & 3rd John & Revelation).

In the summer Youth Group programming changes from the school year.

There is more play and shorter lessons designed to help build community between the young people.
Usually 1st - 5th grades (completed) are all together and 6th through
12th are all together. These events are Wednesdays from 7:00 to 8:00.

There are also summer excursions that occur and change from summer to summer.

Last summer included the following: canoe trip, camping trip, & service project, bicycling at Miami Whitewater Park, hikes, movies, etc. The service project was a trip to Illinois where we helped clean up and maintenance a rural Cemetery.

VBS occurs each summer, most often in July.

VBS is for K - 6th grades. Teens usually help lead the VBS program.

Summer trip

Each summer at the beginning of August Men youth go somewhere for a week of camp, teaching, activities and sight-seeing. .

Every year we encourage students to participate in See You At The Pole.

This is an event held on the last Wednesday of September in which Christian students meet together before school at the flag pole to pray together for each other, their teachers and  administrators and anyone or anything else they think of.

We also participate in an overnighter at the YMCA the second Friday night of February with other churches.

This runs from 10 PM to 7 AM and includes basketball, volleyball, swimming, pizza, racquetball and dodge ball.

Most years we take the middle-schoolers to Believe.

This a weekend convention for middle school designed to strengthen and encourage their faith. It is held at the Cincinnati Convention Center and involves over 5,000 middle-schoolers
and their adult sponsors.

Sometimes Family events are planned such as Roller skating, Bowling, Museums, Movie nights, etc.

On most Friday evenings there is a small group who goes to play basketball at Whitewater Crossing Christian Church.

This is for 16 years through adult.

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